Cell Phone Radiation

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Protect yourself from harmful radiation with the Matrix Radiation Protection Chip - BUY NOW for $29.95
Proven protection against cell phone radiation

Matrix delivers peace of mind. Cell phones and other wireless devices emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in all directions every time you use them. Part of the body closest to the phone – the brain, the eyes, ears and reproductive organs bear the brunt of this unwelcome intruder. Children, with their developing brains and thinner skulls, are especially vulnerable. Even if the phone is just sitting in a pocket, as long as you are talking, your body is being exposed to radiation and affecting your health.   Intro

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Protect yourself and your family

Matrix neutralizes the damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation by putting out pulses of energy that interfere with the radiation produced by cell phones, baby monitors, computers, video games, and cordless phones. Virtually all wireless devices can be added to this list.

If the past is any example, the dangers of EMR will be studied, debated and challenged for years before the dust settles. We need only look at recent history to find products that were initially deemed safe – cigarettes, lead, asbestos – only to discover later how deadly they actually are.

"Don’t risk becoming another statistic. Let Matrix provide the peace of mind you’ve been looking for."

An Added Layer Of Cell Phone Radiation Protection

Matrix provides proven cell phone radiation protection by neutralizing the damaging electromagnetic pulses produced by cell phones. Protecting oneself now is far better than leaving oneself exposed and potentially suffering from health problems in the future.

As the scientific debate on the dangers of cell phone radiation continues, local governments are stepping in and encouraging greater vigilance. San Francisco, California, has passed a law that requires retailers of cell phones to post information on the cell phone radiation levels their products emit (Sutter, CNN, June 16, 2010). More on Cell Phone Radiation Level Law.

Protect yourself against cell phone radiation

“Voluntary exposure of the brain to microwaves from handheld mobile phones…(is) the largest human biological experiment ever.”
Professor Leif G. Salford, Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery, Lund University, Sweden

“EMF may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this century.”
Dr. Andrew Weil, Author of Spontaneous Healing and 8 Weeks to Optimum Health

Health agencies in six countries (U.K, France, Germany, Switzerland, Finland and Israel) have recommended reducing children’s exposure to cell phone radiation.

“FDA’s assurances were based on studies of people who had used cell phones for just three years, on an average.”
Environmental Working Group, 2009.

Prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation in humans may result in such conditions as headaches, confusion, sleeping problems, depression and mood swings.
Karolinska Institute, Uppsala University, Wayne State University, 2008
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